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Computer Repairs - IT Support - Brisbane, Gold Coast And Townsville - Low Cost IT -
Computer Repairs - IT Support - Brisbane, Gold Coast And Townsville - Low Cost IT -

Server Summary

Which Server is Right for You?

Windows Home Server - Designed for use in any home, WHS provides a centralized storage solution, which safeguards letters, spreadsheets, home videos and your family photos. Those files can easily be shared with family and friends over the Internet. WHS provides a solution for the safe backup of your home systems to keep cherished memories protected. WHS can also be a good fit for a micro-business who requires a very basic storage solution.

Windows Foundation Server - Microsoft’s newest server option supports up to 15 users. Windows Foundation Server offers a centralized security database, which controls access to files, server resources, and remote access using Microsoft’s Active Directory. WFS also provides a small business with a remote access solution leveraging Terminal Services. Small business may also require a server for their line of business applications such as Quickbooks, MYOB or any industry specific programs. In my opinion, Windows Foundation Server is the perfect solution for small businesses that have basic server needs, or if you’re looking to combine local storage and business applications with online services such as Hosted Exchange or SharePoint Services.

Windows Small Business Server - This is an enterprise server solution for small businesses that require shared calendaring, data storage, company intranet, remote access plus many of solutions once reserved for larger organizations.   Small Business Server offers Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Remote Web Workplace plus many core products to increase the productivity of your team and drive results to the bottom line. There are two main SBS product lines, each come with many features and benefits to assist the small business who has requirements to do more with less.  Small Business Server supports up to 75 employees.

Windows Essential Business Server - EBS is the next step for the growing small business.  When your small business hits a critical junction of 75 employees or perhaps the growing demands of your business require more computing solutions, Windows Essential Business Server is the next logical step. EBS supports up to four different Microsoft Server solutions for the larger small business or small mid-market corporation with up to 250 employees.  Windows Essential Business Server provides management capabilities, security solutions leveraging Microsoft ForeFront, messaging through Microsoft Exchange and data storage with Microsoft SQL Server.

Windows Server 2008 - Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is the most advanced Windows Server operating system yet, designed to power the next generation of networks, applications, and Web services. With Windows Server 2008 you can develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications, provide a highly secure network infrastructure, and increase technological efficiency and value within your organization

Terminal Server 2008 - Remote Desktop Services (RDS) makes it possible to run an application or an entire desktop in one location, but have it be controlled in another. With RDS, you can install and manage session-based desktops and applications, or virtual-machine based desktops on centralized servers in the data center; screen images are delivered to the users, and the users' client machines, in turn, send keystrokes and mouse movements back to the server. When using Remote Desktop Services, administrators can present users with an entire desktop environment, or with their individual applications and data which they require to complete their task. From a user perspective, these applications are integrated seamlessly—looking, feeling, and behaving like local applications.


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