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Computer Repairs - IT Support - Brisbane, Gold Coast And Townsville - Low Cost IT -
Computer Repairs - IT Support - Brisbane, Gold Coast And Townsville - Low Cost IT -

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Low Cost IT has spent a lot of time in research and development working with vendors to come up with a best of breed procurement process and has partnered with most of the major vendors.

We have partnerships with Microsoft, Intel, Acer, Toshiba, IBM, HP, AVG, GFI, Acronis and many more. If you are unsure give us a call and we can assist you. Below is a summary of some of the main products that we recommend.

Low Cost IT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist company, this helps to assure you the confidience that we know what we are doing when it comes to Micorosft based solutions. Below is a summary of the main Microsoft solutions that we specialise in:

Server Solutions: (Click here to help decide which server is right for you)

1. Windows 2008 Small Business Server (Standard and Premium)
2. Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition
3. Windows Terminal Server (Remote Desktop)
4. Windows Foundation Server
5. Exchange Server 2007
6. SQL Server

Office Productivity Solutions:

1. Microsoft Office
2. Business Contact Manager
3. Microsoft Groove

The #1 Anti-spam Solution Used by 80,000+ Customers, Worldwide The most effective way to beat spammers at their game is to use the #1 anti-spam solution, GFI MailEssentials™. We have over 80,000 customers, worldwide, and have won over 60 awards. GFI MailEssentials features not one, but two anti-spam engines to give administrators an ultra high spam capture rate out-of-the-box with minimal configuration. Not only does it have one of the highest spam capture rates in the industry, over 99%, but it is also the market leader for reducing false positives and ships at the best price available.

The latest version includes SpamRazer™; an additional anti-spam engine that provides a second layer of protection. It has been designed for ease-of-use and, due to frequent updates, SpamRazer needs no tweaking to be fully effective in filtering the latest spam attacks such as NDR spam, CNN spam, MSNBC spam and many more.

Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 10 Family
Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 10 Family simplifies and automates workstation and server backup and disaster recovery processes in Windows and Linux environments and across physical and virtual platforms. It also simplifies migration and deployments. It’s the complete disaster recovery solution for minimizing downtime and increasing IT productivity.

AVGhelps you stay safe while you shop and bank online, search or surf the web, download music, documents and pictures, and e-mail or instant messaging chat. Every document or file you download, every web page or link you click on, is scanned by AVG before you open it. Unlike other security products, we stop the threats before they reach your hard drive and become a problem. Safe Internet surfing is now possible.


We also have extensive experience with various linux platforms, please enquire for more information on this area.

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